Neurotise offers a range of neuromarketing services aimed at the entertainments industry. We work directly with entertainment based companies from movie studios to music companies, who wish to consider how to promote their product to a wider demographic.

By utilizing the latest neuromarketing techniques, Neurotise can assist in identifying the most effective methods of product advertising and promotion. Whether you are considering the most effective promotional campaign for your product, or trying to decide the most appropriate sequencing, we can help.

Movie Promotions

Neurotise can help you to identify the most effective advertising for your movie promotion campaign. We can utilize your print material, trailers and other promotional materials within our neuromarketing tests to determine the most effective form of movie advertising to your targeted demographic.

If you are having doubts as to which trailer will be most effective in drawing your selected audience group into theaters, we can perform neuromarketing research in order to assist you in promoting the most effective visual advertising to insure a full house. By examining the effects of all visual campaigns on your targeted demographic, we can assist in providing the most effective visual marketing campaign for your movie.

Movie Production and Sequencing

It can often be a hard task to decide which scenes should remain within a movie or television show once all footage has been taken. This is where neuromarketing can help. We will apply the latest neuromarketing research techniques to determine which scenes are most appreciated by your targeted demographic.

Additionally, we will utilize your final movie product and apply neuromarketing research techniques during initial viewings. This will allow us to identify most clearly which scenes and sequences should be included within the final cut. We can also use our neuromarketing research techniques to examine numerous versions or scene sequences within your movie to identify which your potential audience find to be most effective and enjoyable when viewing.


A movie’s success is often determined by the cast. Having an appropriate and well liked cast, with actors fitting specific roles well, is the most essential component to the success of any big production. Neurotise can help you to decide which actors to hire for specific roles by utilizing the latest neuromarketing research.

If you are having difficulty trying to decide which actor is most fitting for a specific role, we can help you make a conclusive decision. By utilizing neuroscience marketing techniques, we can determine which actor your targeted demographic feels to be most suitable for the role. By using our neuromarketing research to determine your star actor and cast, you can be sure of the best ROI for your production.

Music Industry Neuromarketing

Neurotise offers neuromarketing research services to music industry executives who are looking to target specific demographic groups. Whether you are considering the most appropriate cover for a new album release or which version of a new music video will encourage people to follow a band, we can help.

We will apply the latest neuromarketing research to insure that your music marketing campaigns are successfully targeted to the correct demographic. We will utilize all advertising you have in draft, video concepts and other promotional materials in order to identify which is most effective in targeting your specific demographic. This will assist in product promotion and ultimately culminate in a good ROI for your company.

Music Track Sequencing

It can often be difficult for a music executive to decide on a conclusive track list for their clients albums. Neurotise can help alleviate this problem.

We will apply the latest neuromarketing research techniques in conjunction with your music to identify which songs and sequencing your prospective audience likes best. This can help by providing a conclusive list of popular tracks for an album, and also help with the decisions of which tracks to release separately. Being in tune with the potential buying demographic can greatly assist in a steady ROI for your product.


If you are considering adding a new show to your programing slots, but don’t know how well they will be received, Neurotise can help. With regards to pilot TV shows, we will utilize the latest neuromarketing research techniques to discover how well the show, cast and story lines will be received by the potential viewing demographic. By obtaining conclusive results based on neuroscience marketing techniques, you will be able to decide whether the new pilot project will be worth taking to a seasonal run.

For more information on how Neurotise can help with your advertising campaign, please contact us.