Neurotise is a Houston based Neuromarketing company specializing in providing the latest neuroscience marketing research techniques for corporate markets.

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field of marketing and consumer testing. Relying on neurological, cognitive, sensormotor and affective response to stimuli, neuromarketers are able to define some of the most effective form of marketing for products.

Neurotise offers neuromarketing testing by utilizing fMRI, EEG, galvanic skin response and eye movement tracking to understand the effect of a product on the general consumer. By correlating the results of neurological and physiological tests to a direct stimuli, we are able to correctly identify new products or campaigns which will succeed when promoted to the general public.

Neuromarketing delves beyond the limits of long established consumer group testing as we are able to investigate the true neurological response to products and stimuli. In the past, companies have had to rely upon the voices of test groups and cognitive bias. This has never been a 100% effective form of testing and many companies have spent millions of dollars promoting a campaign or product based ineffective data. With Neuromarketing, we are far more capable to identify the realistic motive of the test consumer when faced with your product or campaign. This means that we can establish a more effective method of promotion that just relying on verbal out put or questionaires alone.

Neurotise offers neuromarketing services for a wide corporate demographic internationally. Whether a company wants a definitive decision on a new logo or ad campaign, or whether a movie company wants to test and see which actors people believe are best suited for a specific role, we can help.

If you would like more information on Neurotise and the services we offer, please contact us.